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We operate a wide range of legal services websites to assist our clients with the best information about Process Serving, Court Filings, Court Case Copying Retrieval and Legal Courier Services. We are also a Licensed Private Investigation Agency with unlimited investigative capabilities to assist in the discovery process and or locating witnesses, heirs and or defendants. Our legal support businesses involve an extensive range of legal support services involving service of process, consulting, advisory, finding missing people, locating defendants and witnesses and courthouse services. Our websites are designated specifically to allow visitors to gain an insight into the world of Service of Process and Investigation Services. Of course we hope you use our specialized services, but if you don't, feel free to access any one or all of our websites. All service offerings are confidential and are bound by strict corporate privacy policies governed by and bound to State and Federal Laws.

All information received is confidential and we do not store, save or retain any email addresses or create cookies. All information is secured on our own server and is not available for public use or commercial use.
 If you have legal questions concerning your particular matter it is best you call an Attorney. We do not offer any advice. If you need an Attorney, email us and we will refer one to you. If you are an Attorney or are employed by an Attorney we ask that you make sure you are aware of applicable laws that govern your request. We operate under the laws of the state of Florida and, where applicable, Federal law. All Service of process services are governed by the laws of the issuing jurisdiction.
We do, however, offer confidential services which involve a wide range of outsourced services to the Legal, Medical, Financial and Business Professionals.

Strictly confidential and 100% Reliable. If you are an Attorney we hope you realize we are a nationwide leading provider of legal services and can also offer you an opportunity to have your site listed on any one or all of our sites, provided you are a client first.

We do not and cannot offer any advice and nothing within our pages should be utilized to make final decisions. If you are an Attorney, Corporate Professional and or a Paralegal we ask you consider us as a reliable resource for all your outsourced support service needs.

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